Agifish: Up 24 percent in first 9 months profit

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In the third quarter of 2013, An Giang Fisheries Import and Export Joint Stock Company (Agifish – HOSE code: AGF) reached a net revenue of VND841 billion, generating post-tax profit of VND8.78 billion, according to the company’s financial statement in 2013.

Through September this year, Agifish totaled VND2,347 billion of revenue andVND34.18 billion of post tax profit.Earnings per share (EPS) were set at VND2,658.

Agifish’s profit in Q.III/2013 was a little lower than that in Q.III/2012, but cumulative profit through September increased by nearly 24 percent.In the first nine monthsof 2012, the company reported VND2,153 billion of revenue and VND27.62 billion of post-tax profit. EPS were VND2,161.